Sabrina Quaraishi

Director, Bankers without Borders

Sabrina Quaraishi, Director of Bankers without Borders, is a recognized leader in the field of international volunteering, corporate employee engagement and CSR, building win-win partnerships between the public, private and the social enterprise sector. Bankers without Borders® (BwB) is Grameen Foundation’s volunteer initiative launched in 2008 to attract the talent from the private sector and academic institutions to help increase the scale, sustainability, and impact of social enterprises focused on the poor.

Under Sabrina’s leadership, Bankers without Borders cultivated a volunteer corps of more than 23,000 business professionals from 174 countries dedicated to eradicating world poverty and hunger through the pro bono movement. Sabrina was instrumental in forging collaborations with more than 20 Fortune 500 companies and universities including JPMorgan Chase, MasterCard, Google, Wells Fargo, McKinsey, University of Maryland to just name a few, where volunteers are regularly placed on pro bono assignments as part of their employer's CSR, employee engagement or professional development initiatives. Sabrina prides in BwB consistently achieving over 95% satisfaction.

Most recently, Sabrina has also taken on the role of managing USAID's Farmer to Farmer program at Grameen Foundation overseeing operations in 3 countries: Kenya, Tanzania, and Colombia.

Sabrina acts as a founding stakeholder at Impact 2030, a UN led initiative, on using the pro bono movement in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. She is also a Points of Light “Leadership Faculty” advising companies on how to create, grow, or improve their community engagement programs.

Originally from Bangladesh, Sabrina’s interest in international development and community engagement started in 2000 where she had the opportunity to study the empowerment of village phone operators at Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and was inspired to make a difference.

Country: United States

Arcelia Gomez

Senior Specialist, Volunteer Relations

Originally from San Diego, California, and based in Washington, D.C., Arcelia manages volunteer relations for BwB - from coordinating volunteer recruitment and education, to post-engagement recognition. After finishing her studies at the University of California Berkeley, her deep commitment to the eradication of poverty led her to Grameen Foundation. When not engaging volunteers on exciting new projects, Arcelia enjoys traveling and finding ways to volunteer in her own community.

Country: United States

Eve Mungai

Senior Program Lead, Sub-Saharan Africa

Originally from the coast of Kenya, and based in Nairobi, Eve manages BwB’s relationships and projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. A Commonwealth Fellow with a Masters degree in Organizational Development, training in Advanced Volunteer Management and a Bachelors degree in Education, Eve is also our trainer-in-residence.  Before joining BwB, Eve worked with VSO International where she managed volunteering development programs in the region.  When not facilitating corporate volunteer programs or cold calling new potential clients, Eve is singing in the church choir and mentoring young people together with her husband. 

Country: Kenya

Purna Roy Chowdhary

Program Manager

Purna is currently based out of Gurgaon India and has been working as the Program Manager for Bankers without Borders (APAC Region) of Grameen Foundation India, since September 2016.

Purna is a development sector professional, with a decade’s experience in child protection, human trafficking and gender justice. Purna is from Kolkata, India where she has completed her post-graduation (from the University of Calcutta) on Social Anthropology and Human Rights with specialization on Child Rights and Gender Equality. Her experience and expertise as a grassroots implementer, coupled with her academic understanding of development issues, makes her a complete and effective practitioner in the sector. Purna has, primarily, been engaged in program design and management, undertaken evaluation assignments, gender justice focused qualitative research and reviews, training curriculum development.

 'I am passionate about my work and feel strongly connected to it. I strive to be a part of the change towards a society of equal opportunities and free of discriminations and human rights violations.



Country: India