January 2014

Paid and Volunteer Opportunities in Mali and the US!

We have some great opportunities to volunteer for a project in the US or Mali, including one full time, salaried position in Mali as a Finance Manager, and the opportunity to work with the Grameen Foundation's TaroWorks team! Application deadlines are coming up quickly for all of these projects, so be sure to read more and apply!

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What We’ve Been Reading: January 24, 2014

The World Bank started off the new year with the publication of the 2014 Global Financial Development Report. After last year’s report, which highlighted the state’s role in finance after the global financial crisis, this year’s main focus is on the level of financial inclusion throughout the world and the steps we should take to increase inclusion. According to the report, an estimated 2.5 billion adults in the world—approximately 50% of the world’s adult population—do not have a bank account with a formal financial institution.

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