Diamond Volunteer Profile: Jennifer Vignone

As part of Pro Bono Week, Bankers without Borders is recognizing some of our outstanding volunteers whose commitment and dedication helps us fulfill our mission to connect the world's poor to their potential.

Jennifer Vignone is an Information Architect & User Experience Designer for JP Morgan Chase New York. With over 20 years of print and web work experience, including 15 years of experience in the financial industry, working within Information Technology and branching into the institutional and corporate environments, she’s a leader in using best practices design principles and careful strategic planning to develop an overall comprehensive finished project, incorporating proper brand interpretation, technological considerations, usability analysis, business analysis, project management, and marketing.  For the past six years, Jennifer has leveraged her in-depth knowledge and specialized expertise to assist many social enterprise organizations around the world, volunteering her time, energy, and skills as a probono Bankers without Borders consultant four times, becoming one of its most dedicated volunteers.
“Bankers without Borders provides a unique space within the JP Morgan Chase environment. These projects are interesting, varied, and offer an opportunity to stretch my skill set and knowledge to organizations that might otherwise not be exposed to the wide array of options as a volunteer team may provide,” said Jennifer of her experience as Bankers without Borders volunteer.

In 2009, Bankers without Borders first leveraged Jennifer’s skills to assist Grameen Foundation’s Lango Consulting subsidiary with the creation of a new website and logo. Jennifer spent almost 100 hours of probono hours, developing and crafting her recommendations and logo designs for Lango. That same year, Jennifer assisted PT Rekan Usaha Mikro Anda (RUMA), a social business supported and incubated by the Grameen Foundation in Indonesia, with another logo and website design project. In 2010, Jennifer completed another assignment, this time for Grameen Foundation’s partner, Grameen-Jameel, to design and layout a Corporate Governance Handbook for the organization.  This year,Jennifer completed her fourth volunteer project, working with the Oregon Microenterprise Network (OMEN), statewide membership association of Microenterprise Development Organizations, to develop a coherent corporate brand strategy, including an assessment of OMEN’s value proposition, a new positioning statement for OMEN based on its mission and capabilities, new logo and brand color suggestions, and recommendations to improve their website.

Marilyn Johnson, OMEN’s Executive Director, said of her experience working with Jennifer, “She had excellent skills in her focus area. The team went above and beyond the call of duty on this project, working collaboratively and effective to provide an excellent product that we can use to bring our team together to improve our services. Their level of engagement was exceptional. The final product exceeded our expectations.”

“Working with OMEN was an enriching experience, as I had never worked with such an organization,” Jennifer said. “It was very interesting to hear how they are structured, what they have been through that led them to Bankers without Borders. As I enjoy solving Branding and Marketing challenges, it was great to help them begin to redefine their brand position, which will hopefully contribute to their future success. Overall, this enhanced all of my skills and awareness in how they come together. It was also helpful to working with a team which had many logistics to deal with while still providing a useful and valuable result to the client.”