Upcoming Webinar: Small Changes for Big Growth: A guide to improve mobile financial services for the poor

Please join us for an uncoming webinar!

Small Changes for Big Growth: A guide to improve mobile financial services for the poor
Thursday, March 13, 2014
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
RSVP HERE. Space is limited.

Grameen Foundation lead research in three countries (Uganda, India and the Philippines) to understand how mobile phone technology and its usability are impacting poor customer’s ability to access and benefit from mobile financial services.  Many players assume that if a poor person owns a mobile phone, they are able to use it. We believe that this is a faulty assumption, and believe that usability and “mobile phone literacy” are big issues that prevent poor women in particular from benefiting from mobile-enabled solutions. 

This presentation will demonstrate the specific challenges and constraints customers face in using/accessing a mobile delivery channel for financial services and includes our user-centered recommendations which we hope will influence commercial players (mobile money operators, banks, technology service providers, agent network managers) as well as back-end technology and hardware designers to address usability issues that are preventing poor customers from benefiting from mobile financial services. 

Cara Kleid is the Product Development Lead for Grameen Foundation's AppLab in Kampala, Uganda. She is a champion of the human centered design process and leads interdisciplinary teams through research, analysis, ideation, iterative design, prototype creation and usability testing. Cara brings 14 years of design experience including web, software, touch screen and mobile app design. Her work has spanned many domains including healthcare, software, education and financial services.