Volunteer Opportunities in the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and the US!

Some great organizations are looking for volunteers for their programs, including Grameen-Jameel, Al Amal Bank, and Pearl S. Buck International! If you are interested in volunteering remotely for a foundation in the United Arab Emirates or onsite at a bank in Yemen, be sure to read more about these projects and apply!

HR Expert at Grameen-Jameel (United Arab Emirates)

Start Date: March 16th, 2014

Region: United Arab Emirates

Estimated Hours: Medium Term (101-500 hours)

Description: If you are an HR Expert and interested in volunteering your skills the team at Grameen-Jameel is looking for a volunteer consultant to assist them in the development of an updated HR Manual. The volunteer will be required to complete various tasks, including reviewing the existing HR system, providing recommendations for updating the compensation and benefit structure for assignments, and developing a 360 degree Performance Appraisal system that can be used as a basis for promotions and salary adjustments. The volunteer consultant should have experience in the area of HCM development and implementation, excellent writing skills, and effective communication skills. Fluency in English is mandatory, and knowledge in Arabic is recommended. The project can be conducted remotely, so it is not necessary to travel. 

Learn More:  https://grameenfound.secure.force.com/apex/projectview?id=a0OA000000DYXlKMAX

HR Expert at Al Amal Bank (Yemen)

Start Date: March 16th, 2014

Region: Yemen

Estimated Hours: Medium Term (101-500 hours)

Description: If you are an HR expert Bankers without Borders is seeking a volunteer consultant to conduct a thorough assessment of the existing human capital management practices in Al Amal Bank, one of the leading microfinance banks in Yemen. The project will require 8 - 12 days of onsite work; the rest of the project can be conducted remotely. The assessment will cover six organizational and human capital management (HCM) areas, including strategic planning, leadership practices, culture, and how to attract, develop and motivate talent as well as a review of the internal human resources function. Some objectives include identifying the current status of HCM practices within Lead, reviewing the functionality and effectiveness of these practices, highlighting the gaps between the current practices and those required to support the business strategy of Lead, and recommending changes that will strengthen the strategic impact of HCM practices. The methodology behind the assessment is extremely participatory and collaborative so the volunteer consultant will be working very closely with the project manager assigned by Lead. The volunteer will also be required to conduct an onsite visit and interview the staff at head office and in the field. The entire assessment process is expected to require 8 -12 days on site.

 Learn More: https://grameenfound.secure.force.com/apex/projectview?id=a0OA000000DYWvoMAH

Financial Modeler at Pearl S. Buck International (United States)

Start Date: March 24th, 2014

Region: United States

Estimated Hours: Long Term (500+ hours)

Description: If you are a seasoned business strategist or love to prepare strategic plans with financial models, we are looking to form a small team  including an expert strategist and financial modeler to work with a renowned NGO, based in Pennsylvania, which has been working tirelessly for over half a century, to give  a voice for children in need.  Pearl S. Buck International is in needs to refocus its strategy and is looking for your help to develop its new 5 year plan to meet the evolving needs of its constituency. The proposed project will develop Pearl S. Buck International’s next 5 year strategy by working with staff, the board of directors and volunteers to determine the possible options in terms of future strategy, structure, and financial viability. The volunteer team will be expected to review Pearl S. Buck International’s current structure, strategy and financial position, assess our value proposition, work with the Steering Committee to identify objectives, work with staff to develop the implementation plan, identify outputs and outcomes, and compile all information and format it into a written strategic plan.

Learn More: https://grameenfound.secure.force.com/apex/projectview?id=a0OA000000DY5ijMAD